Sharda Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra is a Registered Society under provisions of U.P.Societies Registration Act 1860; (Registration # 211/97-98, FCRA Registration # 136510009).With the mission to preserve, protect, conserve and care for the environment, we are committed to liberate the planet earth from environmental deterioration from terrain, sub-terrain and atmospheric contamination occurred by rampant technological and human abuse of natural resources. Simultaneously, we also undertake various poverty alleviation programs that include AIDS awareness, education and literacy campaigns, vocational training, community development, social awareness, agricultural activities and training including yoga and unemployed youths.

Besides being a pioneer in various environmental campaigns, we organize academic, extra-curricular, co-curricular activities with exemplar environmental discourse. Our agenda for environmental protection ranges to over three dozen concerns spanning from environmental literacy, capacity building, resource management, sanitation, biosphere conservation and other eco-friendly livelihood programs. Spatially, our focus commences from protecting and conserving the environment in rural-urban fringe areas of India to that of other environmentally devastated areas. Among raising the socio-economically challenged society, our key areas of focus are on human rights (for Dalit and backward classes) ,community development, education for underprivileged, gender issues, children, AIDS awareness, combating drug addiction and sustainable development.

Since inception in 1997, we have organized diverse awareness programs with local and international collaborations such as UNICEF, on diverse awareness campaigns such as environment, food security, AIDS, drug addiction etc. Our methodology is towards enabling techno-centric digital environment and society monitoring where we customize and design qualitative modules through research on human and environment devised models based on quantitative database through Geographic Information System (GIS) and Spatial Information System (SIS). Since 2004, we are launching a programme:“AAIYE SWASTHYA BHARAT KA NIRMAN KARE”. Under this various workshops, conferences, rally, padhyatra, awareness programmes are completed in different parts of the country.

We strive for eco-literacy, eco-character building by educating eco-responsibility amongst individuals and have milestones to cover ensuring a civil society on the foundations of sustainable development. Committed like the roots of a banyan tree, we have an enormous role ahead and all we need is an environmental awakening from each and every enlightened person thus collectively translating this vision into reality. We are a not just an okios sensitive society, we are a “movement”.    JOIN US