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We believe that the first step towards environment conservation is by aggressive afforestation along with checking and curtailing deforestation regarding environment conservation .Commencing from the grass root level, by targeting the present generation which is facing climate change,we aim to generate a movement by our innovative environment awareness schemes, environmental capacity building measures by national and international funded projects.The modus operandi is to create an environmental army of children who would involve “responsible” afforestation. Initially government and public school children upto senior secondary school would be educated,motivated and trained to achieve and monitor systematic and compulsory afforestation. Lter this project would be extended to various service sectors alike. Our vision is to ensure that each and every school student in India monitors, names and geo references their afforested trees through our organizational apparatus continuously thus repairing the environmental damage that has occurred in India since colonialism. We aim to digitally monitor, cultivate mechanisms, campaigns and refurbish the educational system to suit afforestation building measures via networking of schools .Our aim of afforestation would be achieved when we reach and increased forest cover@1% per annum in India corroborating our SPSK VISION 2047

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Wildlife conservation In India would involve in creating a digital report card by SPSK for each and every wild life projects and programmes started by the Indian government through our Geo-Spatial Digital Monitoring the National Wildlife Conservation web portal. Our organization would be addressing existing wildlife conservation debacles by capacity building in order to educate the local communities for environment policing against poaching, shifting of villages outside the core area, control of livestock grazing, researching data about environmental changes in the National Park and Wildlife sanctuaries in order to achieve the objectives of National Wildlife conservation policies such as unmanning the core zones and minimization of activity in the buffer zone, damage assessment and repair measures of the eco-systems through wildlife journalism.


Under the Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources (DNES),the role of SPSK is not only to promote renewable energy but also to create an environment by educating in rural communities about the spread, increase investment, business and entrepreneurship in renewables in India by our awareness programs and project designing further aiming at promotion of renewable energy technologies, renewable energy resource assessment, research and development for the production of biogas units, solar thermal devices, solar lighting and pumping devices,photovoltaics, cookstoves, Solar drying applications for food, agricultural and chemical products ,wind energy by designing and establishing wind mill mega projects in 13 states of India which have a net potential of about 45000 MW .
SPSK also aims at further accelerating Non-conventional Energy Sources short,medium and long term strategies based according to region, service and environmental urgency.