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India, a country known for having the world’s largest democracy confronts the harsh reality of a climate change culminating in social unrest. Needless to say, India’s human development statistics also portray a gory picture vis-à-vis, the government’s failure to feed its vast population and overcome rural poverty let alone being socio-environmentally prepared for it.

Under this background, we are determined to launch, trigger and bridge gaps via innovative, catalytic and pioneering projects through our banner to suture and address the critical and urgent compounding environmental and related social issues in India with the aid of indigenous, eco-friendly, sustainable means and measures of science and technology coupled with creating an environmental consciousness along with civil society initiatives.

Our priority is on issues that need urgent attention being mirrored in contemporary India that arise from environmental, socio-economic and resource degradation .Our approach is to “think global and act local” in the era of global warming. With this commitment we strive to identify similar areas of concern sans frontier and are open to international partnerships that echo our concerns and would add to our cause to wage a global campaign to conserve environment and social protection.

The inspiration to establish Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra is drawn from my late mother Shmt.Sharada Devi who always has taught me since childhood to tirelessly conserve the environment and fearlessly protect the society to the best possible human limits. We believe that taking responsibility of our environment and society from wherever we are is the first step to attain our goal of environmental and social peace.

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