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Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra is committed not only to preserve, protect, and conserve the environment but also to socio-economically alleviate the downtrodden masses of rural India ensuring sustainable development.

Sharda Prayavaran Sanrakshan Kendra (S.P.S.K.), Jaunpur, would strive to:
1. Be recognized as one of the leading environment and societal, public awareness institution in India and abroad.
2. Prepare customized core teams that would further be inspired, motivated and fostered to carry out leaders and environment police officers, articulate and protective, innovative and confident and be able to identify correctly, critically and fearlessly with sound environment reasoning.
3. Be research intensive institution where human resource potential for environment protection enhances societal responsibility for environmental and societal protection against AIDS and illiteracy.
4. Be engaged in local, regional and state socio-economic and environmental responsibility for the benefit of all sectors.
5. Development of integrated Environmental Database for environmental protection for integrated planning like:
a)Environment profiles
b)Disaster/environmental damage-based information
c)Static and Dynamic outputs based on Environment Decision Support System (E.D.S.S.)

Sharda Prayavaran Sanrakshan Kendra, Jaunpur, is committed to the
values of:
• respect to the environment;
• cooperation and sustainable-infrastructure development;
• creativity and innovative awareness campaigns;
• community service and leadership;
• diversity
• pursuit of flora-faunal environmental protection and policing; and
• movement towards clean, green and healthy society

“A single person of wisdom firmly rooted in the society has a
value and significance equivalent to a thousand or even ten thousand people.” - Dr.Daisaku Ikeda.

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We believe that the first step towards environment conservation is by aggressive afforestation along with checking and curtailing deforestation regardigng environment conservation. Commencing from the grass root level, by targeting the present generation which is facing climate change, READ more