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Here, the papers will be invited sans-boundary on ongoing environmental concerns and it would include the contributions from various national and international academic and non-academic institutions on a steady basis with the articles generated at least 6 months before publication. This would be on the following parameters:
10.1 Bringing out books and articles related to environment planning, conservation and protection.
10.2 Bringing out books and articles related to environment by national and international scholars of environmental science.
10.3 Bringing out comic series on environmental issues for children
10.4 Creating customized maps for sale depicting the spatio-environmental dimension of environment status and environment-monitoring.

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We believe that the first step towards environment conservation is by aggressive afforestation along with checking and curtailing deforestation regarding environment conservation. Commencing from the grass root level, by targeting the present generation which is facing climate change,we aim to generate a movement by our innovative environment awareness schemes, environmental capacity building measures by national and international funded projects.The modus operandi is to create an environmental army of children who would involve “responsible” afforestation .Initially government and public school children upto senior secondary school would be educated, motivated and trained to achieve and monitor systematic and compulsory afforestation. Later this project would be extended to various service sectors alike. READ more