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We believe that the first step towards environment conservation is by aggressive afforestation along with checking and curtailing deforestation regardi\ng environment conservation. Commencing from the grass root level, by targeting the present generation which is facing climate change, READ more


1. To provide programs and services that disseminate knowledge and skills that enhance the quality of life though a clean and green environment and sustainable socio-economic development. The methodology would be accessing the socio-economically challenged sections of society and training them on environment and livelihood issues thus creating a safe, healthy, clean and green biosphere.
2. Demonstrate and promote the use of Spatial Data Technologies for micro level planning under diverse environmental and socio-economic conditions.
3. Provide knowledge and technical support for data management, modeling and operation research.
4. Promote R&D in spatial and non-spatial data technology.
5. Capacity building and technology sharing/transfer for target users.
6. Collaborate with various likeminded institutions and stakeholders at different levels.
7. Provide reality environmental and socio-economic inputs for policy framing related to Spatial Data Technology.
8. Develop and demonstrate pilot scale projects and provide research support to State Governments.
9. Create an ENVIRONMENTAL POLICING UNIT having Environmental Assessment Infrastructure, thus aiming to become a CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DATA TECHNOLOGY” for environmental policing, planning, assessment, protection and repair.
10. Digital Documentation and dissemination.

Working Areas:
SPSK has covered all districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh like Varanasi, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Sultanpur,Mau, Ambedkar Nagar, Allahabad and Gorakhpur. Under these district offices, SPSK has covered all the rural and urban areas of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi Office caters to Western Uttar Pradesh.The Delhi Office is the Corporate Office and monitors all the work of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Gujrat and Maharashtra.

i)500 trained volunteers for implementing any kind of project and relief work like disaster management.
ii)35 Self-Help Groups are working under the society in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

5.Plantation: Society has one nursery at Azamgarh.

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